Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sara Bareilles plays in the background.

A pile of laundry lies at the foot of my bed.

Books are strewn carelessly across my comforter.

One child is laughing, the other is whining.

There are phone calls & emails to be returned.

There are job inquiries to be made, taxes to be filed, and thank you letters to be mailed.

There are unsung melodies floating my head,

words waiting to be strung into lyrics,

album concepts and ideas laying lifeless for lack of money to keep them alive.

What's next?

Go back to school for music theory?

Send our 6yo to public school ?

Stay in Michigan? Move to Nashville?

Have another baby?

There are so many choices to be made...

so many things to be done....

and all I can do it sit here and breathe...and whisper a prayer.

I'm stuck.

Between the waiting,

between my dreams,

between my prayers prayed and answered...

I'm stuck.

Ever been there?


  1. Soooo been there my friend. Prayer and patience...and then more prayer and more patience. Good to read what's going on in your life!

  2. I saw you on IG through someone else I'm following. I'm in MI too. Detroit. Where are you? I'm really enjoying how you tell your story on your blog. Have a blessed day.