Wednesday, September 12, 2012


In my early & mid 20's I did some amazing things & went to some amazing places with some amazing people.

Famous? Not hardly.

But I was known in a certain circle of people because I sang back up for a couple of legendary gospel artists.

While traveling and learning, I often found myself in a position to talk to other young ladies who were pursuing either a career in music or simply found themselves drawn to a celebrity lifestyle. I'll be the first to admit; I didn't know it all. I was thrust into the music industry and expected to act as a veteran, while in actuality I was a star struck novice. I couldn't believe I'd been chosen to sing with artists that I'd admired from afar; some even as early on as a child. This swift pace of change helped me to adapt to various environments, learn about the industry, and also grow within my own creativity and gifts.

If I'm honest I don't remember exactly how Keisha and I met. But I do remember that she was like a square peg trying to fit into a circle hole. She just didn't fit. I could tell she was searching for her niche , all the while allowing certain perceptions and opinions to create a little box for her.

I don't know why she looked up to me and chose me as a role model. I was pretty insecure myself and sporadically trying to swim through my own ocean of issues. But...we clicked. I didn't mind sharing advice with Keisha because she didn't expect me to be perfect. She just wanted honesty and a place to feel safe to share her wonderings.

On Sunday I watched Keisha and her husband host their son's 1st birthday party. I watched and marveled at how's she grown into this varied, intentional, contagious person. She's grown in her gifts...but more importantly she's grown into herself.

She's got spunk. She says what she means & means what she says. She loves hard. She's unapologetically herself...& I couldn't be more proud.

If a mentor is a TRUE mentor....they hope that those who learn from them will be greater than them.

Ms. Keisha is on her to becoming a light in this world that leads many to the untainted love of God.

She is indeed his chosen...His Ideeyah...and my little sister.

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