Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Randoms

Today marks my triumphant return to blogging!

*insert balloons, a marching band....and um...popcorn...YES! What's a celebration without popcorn?*

I am most thrilled that this return falls on a Monday which makes it perfectly reasonable for me to talk about the random things I realized over the weekend.

Random 1 :

I LOVE an 8:30 service on Sundays! Our 6yo had to sing during communion service at the Lutheran church that hosts his school. Now don't get me wrong: when the alarm went off at 7 & I attempted to cheerfully wake up my family, I failed. They all woke up in a funk.

But by 9:40 we were walking out of church holding hands (yes! Even the kiddos) , by 10 we were eating pancakes & omelets,  at 11 we were thumbing through books at Barnes & Noble and by 12:30 my kiddos were down for a nap.

It was perfect!

Now only if our home church had a service this early!

Random 2 :

I hate pumpkin flavoring.

Which brings me to my next point.....

Random 3 :

I am addicted to pumpkin spice lattes. No, really. I've had one every day since Friday & this addiction seems to have turned from ironically funny to stronghold in a matter of days. Besides the fact that I have no idea how I could possibly like pumpkin spice must be said...they are the bomb.

Random 4 :

We haven't had cable in 9 months. I've been okay with this (for the most part) since I only work about 15 hrs a week & don't travel for ministry as much as I used to. Since Mr. B is bringing hoe 80% of the bacon, I had to be willing to accept his budget projections. HOWEVER, Katie Couric is coming out with a new talk show today. Oh em geezy!!! I just think Katie Couric is right up there with Oprah when it comes to her ability to interview others with an objective style that pushes the envelope without losing compassion. What I wouldn't give for a 1 channel cable package today!

Random 5 :

Last week was hard in our house. Mr B's job had a payroll hiccup that effected him as well as 5 or 6 other employees. He was paid for only 3 days instead of 2 weeks. Talk about Jehovah Jireh!!! I have no idea how we were able to get groceries, gas, register our 3yo for preschool & have a little left over for me to treat the kiddos to a book each & toys (dollar store woot, woot!) It was all GOD!
This morning when I began to get anxious about obligations for the week until Friday, the Holy Spirit reminded me how we didn't miss a beat last week, and God will do the same for us this week.

Oh for grace to trust Him more!

So friends....tell was your weekend?

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